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GIHHR Presents: Dr. Shucheng Wang Judicial Enforcement of International Human Rights under China's Authoritarianism

Dr. Shucheng Wang, is a professor of Law at City University of Hong Kong and will be a visiting scholar through the GIHHR. Dr. Wang’s talk on April 27th will be on the topic Judicial Enforcement of International Human Rights under China’s Authoritarianism as well as similar topics; we are thrilled to learn more about these topics from such an elite professor in his field. The Global Institute for Health and Human Rights would like to invite students and faculty with the opportunity to attend this upcoming seminar.

Click to view PDF - GIHHR Seminar April 27, 2016

High Level Consultation Meeting on HIV in Conservative Social Settings in Istanbul, Turkey

In collaboration with the International AIDS Society (IAS), GIHHR organized the Second High Level Consultation Meeting on HIV in Conservative Social Settings at Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey during January 30-31, 2016. This event was sponsored by the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) to invite a discussion on the nature of the HIV epidemic among key populations. Dr. Arash Alaei and Dr. Kamiar Alaei played key roles in organizing and presenting at the conference. The major theme of this conference is A Rights Based Approach to HIV-Inclusion and Support. Incorporating cultural, social, religious and governmental perspectives, recommendations will be presented at the 21st International AIDS Conference, July 18-22, 2016, Durban South Africa (

Turkey Conference

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Heidelberg University

In collaboration with Heidelberg University, GIHHR will help launch a series of comprehensive, public health interventions to help Syrian refugee children living in Germany, including continued support for nutrition, sanitation, healthcare, social welfare, and education.


In collaboration with the Department and Graduate Institute of Criminology at National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan, Dr. Kamiar Alaei is invited by the Asia Association for Substance Abuse Research (AASAR) to be the keynote speaker for the 2016 International Conference on Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment in Asia.


Dr. Arash Alaei and Dr. Kamiar Alaei are invited to speak at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in the advocacy course for medical students. This course invites outstanding practitioners and scholars to inspire students and to provide them with a clear sense of how public health advocacy campaign works. The central theme of this curriculum will be focused on HIV/AIDS, race, and mass incarceration.


In collaboration with UAlbany Peace Action, UAlbany Interfaith Coalition, GIHHR and multiple student organizations jointly celebrate the Refugee Visibility Day as well as spread awareness about the challenges refugees face.

Uganda University

Public health initiatives in Uganda: In collaboration with Dr. Denis Akandunda Bwesigye, we are pleased to announce that we will work with the School of Public Health at Makerere University to develop public health initiatives in Uganda in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention, women and gender studies, human rights, and education.



The Global Institute for Health and Human Rights is based at the University at Albany in New York State. We have a number of ongoing international projects in the areas of family planning and reproductive health, maternal & child health, prison medicine, HIV/AIDS treatment and counseling, and advocacy, research & health policy. We strive to be interdisciplinary in both our analysis of global health issues and in our approach to addressing them.

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